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Services - SpyWare & Virus Removal

Driftek has been working on PC's for over 10 years. We can diagnose and repair both hardware and software problems. Unlike many other computer repair companies, formatting your hard drive is our LAST option. We will take the time to diagnose your problem, and implement the correct solution.

Need to upgrade your computer with a bigger hard drive, more memory, or a video card? Driftek can handle all of your upgrade needs. Whether you purchased the product elsewhere, or need us to find the right product for your upgrade, we will install your upgrade, and ensure that is is working correctly.

Our rates are very competitive, and we only charge you for the time a technician is working on your computer. Often scans are ran on your computer that can take hours to complete. You are only charged for the time the technician took to set-up the scan (This applies only to repairs and upgrades completed at our location.).

After we diagnose your problem, we will provide you with an estimate to fix your problem.

Remote Repair is also available. Sometimes bringing in a computer for repair doesn't get to the root of the problem. There could be issues only detectable at your home or business. Or maybe the problem needs to be fixed immediately and you don't have time for an onsite-call. Our Remote Support Center is your answer. The Remote Sessions can be done from the comfort of your own home, over a secure connection. We do the repairs via the internet. NO technical experience required on your end.

Please call our offices to schedule a support session. If you are not already registered with Driftek Computer Systems, please do so before calling, this will speed up the process.

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