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Virus & Spyware Removal

Do you have a virus scanner on your system? Do you scan for viruses regularly? Malicious viruses are rampant on the internet, and if you don't have a spyware detector you are almost guaranteed to have infections on your pc. We can clean them out quickly and safely. Get your computer back up to speed with our virus and spyware removal service.


RAM Memory Upgrade

Most computer parts are considered outdated after only 6 months, and the entire computer is outdated after only 3 years! If your system is anywhere in this range then chances are you only have 128-512mb of RAM(today's standard is 1024-2048mb of RAM) There is hope though, with a memory upgrade your computer's speed and the time it takes to access programs can be sped up several times over.


Computer Cleaning

Computer running a little slow or making weird noises? Is it over a year old or in a dusty environment? Believe it or not but dust can cause major damage and even short out pc components. Help your computer live a long, happy life and get its circuits and cards professionally decontaminated.


Speed Optimization & Drive Cleanup

Does it seem like you're waiting forever for windows to load, and everything you click seems like a waiting game to get it to open? After only a year of use most systems average a 500% decrease in speed. Get your system running how it should be, and get all that unneeded clutter off of your computer.


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Tip: Update your anti-virus software regularly. New viruses appear almost daily. Fortunately, reputable anti-virus software companies respond immediately to each new threat, adding the latest virus to the thousands of others their program protects you from. But that protection only works if your copy of the anti-virus program is up-to-date.
Did You Know: Switched-off devices account for 40 percent of the energy consumed by electronics in an average home.

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